Fast Multi-User MYOB Access

Users of MYOB in multi-user mode would know that MYOB gets  very slow for everyone once your data file gets to a certain size or once you have a couple of people working in it at the same time.

Talk to us about fixing this by turning one of your computers into a special kind of server that allows all your MYOB users to log directly on to it, speeding up MYOB access to standalone speeds, at a fraction of the cost of a windows Terminal Server.

Users can access MYOB from within and outside your office (if permitted) working on the data as if they were sitting at the PC your company file is stored on.  Leave this PC on and have access to your accounting data from home, connecting to your MYOB  PC and using it at the same speed as if you were sitting at the PC in the office.

We've set up this system for many happy clients on the coast- it's inexpensive and fast to implement.  Give us a call to discuss your needs and find out how easy it is.

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