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This week we briefly revisit VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  VoIP means using the internet  to make phone calls.  For example, when you use Skype, and especially use it to make calls to normal phones, you are using VoIP.  You can sign up for a VoIP account with specialist providers and also many internet providers and use your own normal home phone handset to make calls as normal, but at often drastically reduced rates.  Even though it uses your internet, VoIP uses very little of your allowance (or “bandwidth”).  A typical call on a standard VoIP connection uses between 30-90Kbps/second.  The most common VoIP setting will use basically ½ a megabyte, or five hundred kilobytes every minute.  Considering most internet plans give you at least 1 gigabyte of quota, which is 1000 megabytes or a million kilobytes, this equates to two thousand minutes or around thirty three hours of talking.  Of course you use your connection for more than just VoIP but this should give you an idea of your usage.  With regard to minimum internet speed, you should basically get the fastest speed you can afford, with a minimum of 1500k plan.  I’ve been using VoIP for my business calls for over five years and have found it mostly reliable and very cheap. 


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