Recovering Deleted Files

Today we re-visit a couple of very useful tools that might get you out of a tricky situation.  Have you ever accidently deleted a file and it’s not in your recycle in?  If you act quickly you can probably recover it.  When you delete a file on your computer, the actual file itself isn’t removed from your hard drive.  Rather, the hard drive just marks that space as available to store something else.  So providing nothing else gets written to that section of the hard drive, there’s a good chance you can get the file back.  This is why it’s important to act quickly.  One of the best free recovery programs I use regularly is called Recuva.  Grab it here -

Also by the makers of Recuva is another great tool to keep your PC running smoothly and your disk space as free as possible – Ccleaner  It cleans up old files and gets rid of Internet cache files.  Run it every month for best results.


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