PSUs and Humidity

Many thanks to all those who have provided feedback on Windows 8 - we’ve had some positive and negative responses.  One gentleman finds it excellent, very fast, and is happy with the tiled interface and can launch his photo editing software without any problems.  Another finds the tiled interface very inefficient, whereas before with the normal desktop he could see all his icons for launching programs, with Windows 8 he needs to scroll to the right to see everything. So keep your feedback coming in, I love to receive it.

As I write this the floods are receding but many areas of Cooroy, Tinbeerwah etc are still without power. I’ve also had a few calls from people whose computers are dead when they try and turn them on.  This is a common issue after periods of extremely high humidity. The PSU (power supply) in the PC can get damp, and when turned on shorts out and needs replacing.  To avoid this you can try and dry out your computer before you turn it on, by keeping it in a lower humidity area for a day or so or in a room with the aircon on.  If its too late for that a new PSU isn’t too expensive though, from $30 – $80 depending on size and quality (plus fitting).

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