Make your computer run faster

Do you want your computer to run faster, but you don’t want to pay a fortune or buy a whole new computer? The cheapest and quickest way to make your computer run faster is to add more memory, or RAM.

Memory, or RAM,  is different to your computers hard drive storage. The hard drive is where everything on your computer is stored, all your programs, documents, pictures, music etc. the data is still there when the PC is off.

RAM is only in use when the PC is on.  Its where the computer stores the information it needs to work while the PC is running, for example its where windows is running and where that document you are working on is before you save it.

Think of you hard drive as a filing cabinet, and your RAM as your desk.  You get stuff out of the filing cabinet and put it on your desk while you work on it, update it, edit it etc, then pop it away safely in the filing cabinet when finished, leaving your desk empty.

RAM is currently very cheap, from $25 for an extra 2GB and if you are low on it adding a bit can feel like a new computer.

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