Journey though Your PC - Hard Drives

This week is part three of our journey through your computer and today we discuss hard drives.  Many people think of the hard drive as the actual computer itself, the whole case or box.  Actually the hard drive is inside your computer and is what all of your data is stored on.  Windows, pictures, emails, documents, music – all of this is stored on your hard drive.  Hard drives have ever increasing capacities which are measured in Gigabytes (GB).  Where a computer that is three years old may have a 160 GB hard drive, a standard computer today would likely have at least 500GB and often 1000GB or more.  Consumer hard drives are made up of one or more platters or spinning discs, a bit like a record player.  The platters spin at speeds from 5400rpm, usually 7200rpm in normal PCs and up to 15000rpm in high end hard drive.  A small mechanical arm moves across the platters magnetically reading information from them.  They are very precise, fragile mechanical devices, and with this in mind you might be more forgiving the next time one fails, and understand why backing up is so important.  For a whole gallery of images of hard drives and their internals, follow this link -  

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